What people have to say about “MONEY – For Your Used Clothing”

Many of the “helpful” books
advertised are garbage. This booklet was truly an exception.
It provides a very thorough, organized vehicle to summarize

— A. Chumbley, KY, Saved $1500

Since an audit of our federal income tax
in 1984, we have literally lived in fear of the IRS. Your
booklet allows us to claim what our items are really worth
and to avoid nightmares. We claimed $4,058.

— R. Loomis, AZ, Saved $800

I really wish I had seen the booklet sooner.
We give to charities regularly but didn’t think the items
were of enough value to warrant keeping records for tax
purposes. Boy was I wrong!

—B. Schweinhert, KY

I intend to purchase your book every year.
It’s quite obvious that the cost is nominal when compared
to the hundreds of extra dollars you save on taxes when
donations are properly assessed.

— T. Ryan, NY

You earn far less per hour with a garage
sale than by taking a tax deduction, and the tax deduction
is FAR LESS EXHAUSTING! I gave our tax preparer your address.
I’m sure she will impress her clients with your booklet.

— K. Delk, MI, Claimed $1500

I was kicking myself to learn
how low my guesses had been in years past! How much more
money I could have saved if I had the booklet back then!

— D. Whitmore, IL, Saved $150

As a CPA, I have been looking for a resource
for non-cash charitable contributions. Now I have one!
I saved myself and my clients in excess of $5,000. Thanks!

— K. Dex, IL

I cannot say enough about your book! It’s
easy to use, orderly, simple. Everyone should use it.

— B. Rendina, NJ, Saved $700

I can now clean out the closets with enthusiasm
and not have to argue item values with the IRS or garage-sale

— Mrs. B. Grace, MO, Saved $360

It feels good to give. But it feels even
better to deduct our contributions with confidence. I wish
I had gotten on board a long time ago.

— R. Ornelaz, VA, Claimed $712