By registering your booklet, you receive the following guarantee:

The values contained in the “MONEY – For Your Used Clothing” booklet are obtained in accordance with IRS published guidelines, and Certified Used Clothing Values, Inc. stands behind these values.

Our Audit Protection Guarantee is extended only to the registered owner of the booklet.

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In the event that your tax return is audited for non-cash donations values, please contact Certified Used Clothing Values, Inc. immediately at 866-417-7678. You will be asked to sign a Power of Attorney to allow us to communicate directly with the IRS on your behalf to defend the values published in our booklet. If the IRS makes an adjustment to the certified market values published in our booklet, we will pay all interest and penalties associated with the used clothing values overstatement.

This Audit Protection Guarantee is limited to a total $5,000 in non-cash donation deductions per year, and extends for 3 years from the date you file that year’s income tax return. If you would like to extend the Audit Protection Guarantee for the life of the IRS audit period, please see our “Extended Audit Protection Guarantee” below.

Book must be registered within 30 days of purchase date in order for Audit Protection Guarantee to be valid.

Extended Audit Protection Guarantee

If you would like to extend the Audit Protection Guarantee for an additional 3 years, please call our toll-free number (866-417-7678).

You must order the Extended Audit Protection Guarantee within 12 month from the purchase date of your booklet.