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Used Clothing Donations

It’s a typical scene: you’ve cleaned out a closet or your garage and have a box full of items you no longer want. You’d rather donate your used clothing to charity than send it to the landfill.

When you itemize, you know you can deduct the value of the items you donate to charity on your tax return. If you overstate the value, you risk an audit, penalties and interest. If you under-estimate, you pay more taxes than you should. So, how on earth do you determine the value or your used clothing donations?


Certified Donation Valuations

“MONEY – For Your Used Clothing” provides the taxpayer with certified valuations for over 1,200 clothing and household items commonly donated to charity – and all in accordance with the New IRS guidelines. If you itemize your deductions on your annual income tax return, you will save hundreds of dollars by using this book! This book explains six simple steps for documenting donations and tells how to receive a tax windfall without waiting to file a tax return.

Start Saving NOW!

Most people have no idea what their donations are worth. You know you can deduct the value of charitable items on your tax return when you itemize, but how on earth do you determine the value? If you overstate the value, you risk an audit, penalties and interest. If you underestimate, you pay more taxes than you should. Valuing donations is difficult because the law does not allow the charities to set values. In fact, donors are responsible for obtaining the current fair market value of their donated items as specified in the IRS guidelines.

It’s quick, easy, & guaranteed!

What This Booklet Can Do For You!

  • Saves you hundreds of dollars on your income taxes by using certified used clothing values.
  • Follows the new IRS guidelines for assigning values to clothing and household items you donate to charity.
  • Helps you avoid interest and penalties associated with overstating the value of donations.
  • Offers one convenient place to record information regarding your cash and non-cash donations to charity during the year.
  • Benefits charities by encouraging people to donate.
What people have to say about “MONEY – For Your Used Clothing”
Many of the “helpful” books advertised are garbage. This booklet was truly an exception. It provides a very thorough, organized vehicle to summarize deductions
A. Chumbley, KY, Saved $1500
I was kicking myself to learn how low my guesses had been in years past! How much more money I could have saved if I had the booklet back then!
D. Whitmore, IL, Saved $150
As a CPA, I have been looking for a resource for non-cash charitable contributions. Now I have one! I saved myself and my clients in excess of $5,000. Thanks!
K. Dex, IL